About me

Sarah is an artistic force every bit as intriguing as her business, Curate.

Her passion for design was sparked at an unusually young age. With a father who founded one of South Africa’s best known chain of house shops and an antique-dealing mother, Sarah spent much of her childhood being dragged through trade shows, flea markets and antique fairs. “With parents like that you couldn’t help but get a thorough understanding of decorating and design,” says Sarah.

Sarah has been curating in one form or another ever since then. After completing a design degree at Central St Martins College in London, she joined the high-pressure world of publishing, styling the interior decoration pages for House & Garden’s UK edition and working as shopping editor on the Telegraph’s Saturday Magazine.

Once back In Cape Town, Sarah launched her interior design service. Her projects included working on the design team for Klein Constantia wine farm, and a number of commissions for private houses.

Her most recent venture has been working in bronze, producing a range of desk and table top sculptures of African seed pods.

Sarah lives in Constantia, Cape Town and has three children.


Please contact Sarah: 

+27 73 404 0085 |